New Zealand Dental Association

LogoThe NZDA are the chosen advocates for dental professionals nationwide, offering professional development, knowledge sharing and trusted representation that sets the benchmark for accessible prevention and treatment in our communities.

Auckland Regional HealthPathways

Auckland Regional HealthPathways is a well regarded library of clinical pathways and resource information, developed by consensus and collaboration between hospital clinicians and general practice teams. They are used by Health Professionals within the primary care team to access regionally agreed processes for management of patients.

Dental Council of New Zealand

The Dental Council of New Zealand (DCNZ) is a regulatory authority created by the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. It ensures oral health practitioners meet and maintain DCNZ standards in order to protect the health and safety of the public of New Zealand. Use this website to review qualifications and contact details for all oral health practitioners, and download DCNZ practice standards.

DCNZ Code of Practice for Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice

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Dental Trauma Guide

The Dental Trauma Guide is a world leading tool in dental traumatology. It covers treatment guidelines for primary and permanent teeth. The website is developed in cooperation between the Copenhagen University Hospital and the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT) and is non-profit.

Intodent (Colgate)


The IntoDent website is aiming to appeal particularly to younger practitioners - where they can find opportunities for continuing education and articles that include coaching, mentoring, communication and practice advice by local and international dental personalities.

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Colgate BSBF

Bright Smiles - Bright Futures

Each year Colgate offers all New Zealand schools and preschools the opportunity to order FREE BSBF kits. A total of 3,000 BSBF preschool kits and 3,000 BSBF school kits are available for NZ distribution each year. These are fantastic oral health education programmes, and you may find opportunities to encourage their uptake in the schools and preschools in your local community.You can now order the FREE BSBF Dental Professional kits online, through the BSBF website. This is in addition to the existing methods of ordering by phone or posting an order form.

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