Regarding: Professional Peer Obligations, Professional Development Plan (PDP), Professional Development Activities (PDA) and Annual Reflections.

  1. Professional Peer Obligations.

Each dentist requires a Professional Peer who submits that the dentist has met the PDP and PDA requirements for their Annual Practicing Certificate.  This does require a “reasonable” amount of interaction, and Dental Council New Zealand (DCNZ) recommend you discuss your PDP, PDA and annual reflections.

  1. Develop a PDP of your learning objectives with planned PDA & Expected Outcomes. The DCNZ Standards Framework and Dental Competencies are the foundation of your PDP. Here are DCNZ template examples:
  1. Identify what PDAs you need for your PDP.   PDA Feedback is required after each activity or can be periodically. Here is a DCNZ template PDA Template
  1. Annual reflection of your PDP.   You must write a written reflection process for your PDP and PDAs each year.  Consider the questions and read the example templates on pages 41- 44 of the Handbook.

The NZDA have a members log-in box page for your PDP & Reflections with the relevant questions.  Furthermore, you can still register your PDA with CPD numbers.  However, at the moment, it does not have a feedback section for each PDA.

Should you have any questions, consider reading the Q&A sections in each chapter of the Handbook, which will answer most of your questions.  Otherwise, email the Dental Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  They are there to help!