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Dr Ahmad Al-Hassiny - "Transitioning into Digital Dentistry - how to choose the right equipment for your practice" - July 2022

Dr Basil Al-Amleh - "Diagnosing and treating TMD" - July 2022

Dr Dimitar Kosturkov  -  "Digital Dental Documentation" - June 2022

Dr David Parkins -  "A day in the life of an Endodontist"  -  June 2022

Drs Mo Al-Dujaili, Michael Reardon, Nick Cole and Mr Muammar Abu-Serriah  -  "Communication and Execution - cornerstones of interdisciplinary cases" - May 2022

Dr Peter Kim - "Introduction to Digital Workflows"  -  April 2022 

Dr Rajiv Rajpal - "Treatment planning & complications in oral surgery" - March 2022



ACC  Dental Implant Patient Selection Criteria  -  Nov 2021

ADHB House Officers' Presentations (in brief) to Hospital Conference - Branch Meeting - Nov 2021

Dr Tony Fernando - Suffering & Stress, why we experience them and how to manage them" - Nov 2021

Dr Andrea Shepperson - Lockdown Emergencies  -  Oct 2021

EMA - Thriving in a Covid World Webinar 2 - Oct 2021

 Dr Abdul Aziz - Lockdown Q&A - Sept 2021

EMA - Thriving in a Covid World Webinar 1 - Sept 2021

Drs Mo Al-Dujaili & Azza Al-Ani - "Screws, Plates and Aligners"  -  August 2021

Drs James Dawson & Poppy Horne  -  "Aetiology and management of gingival recession" - July 2021

DCNZ - New Recertification Q&A - June 2021

Rhiannon McArthur & Carolyn Cox - "Green Dentistry - What does best practice look like?" - June 2021

ADHB Oral Medicine Team - "Snap, crackle, pop - an update on TMD in the primary setting"  -  May 2021



Helene Deschamps - How to set ourselves up to thrive in 2021" -  Nov 2020

Mauritz Slabbert - Digital Dentures - October 2020

Dr Kim Gear - Vaping - August 2020

Dr Abdul Aziz - Endodontics - June 2020


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ACC ACC8298 Dental Assessment Report and Treatment Plan

ACC  Dental ARTP Example ACC8297

ACC Dental Implant Power Point Presentation

ACC ACC 8270 Dental Implant Patient Selection Criteria 

EMA COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates are a key tool in the new COVID-19 Protection Framework

MBIE Vaccine Pass use in workplaces and business settings and employment matters under the new COVID-19 Protection Framework

MOH  My Covid Record and Vaccine Passes

EMA  Keeping calm and safe - de-escalation tips

EMA  Keeping calm and safe - talking with people who are angry or upset about a vaccination order.



"New recertification requirements"

A presentation by Andrew Gray, Chair and Marie Warner, Chief Executive, Dental Council of New Zealand

"Snap, Crackle, Pop - TMD Summary "

ADHB Hospital & Specialists - Oral Medicine Team

"Auckland Regional Hospital & Specialist Dentistry - General Referral"

ADHB Hospital & Specialists Dentistry Department

"What's this all about - kids dental services in the hospital"

ADHB Hospital & Specialists Dentistry Department

Sending a Report of Concern to Oranga Tamariki

Format suggested by ADHB

Dental Anxiety

 Dr Tony Fernando

Surviving Tough Times by Building Resilience


ADA Wellbeing Guide 2020 

In conjunction with Umbrella Group

Business Assistance During Lockdown and Beyond

An ADA Wellbeing 60 article courtesy of Paul Loof Consulting 

Boosting our Wellbeing during uncertain times

An ADA Wellbeing360 article courtesy of UMBRELLA

Successfully including adolescent patients in your practice - even under the CDA

Dr Katie Ayers, Specialist Paediatric Dentist, Oral Health Advisor and Approving Officer, Midland DHBs; President NZDA

Retention and relapse in clinical practice.

SJ Littlewood, S Kandasamy, G Huang - Australian Dental Journal

Clear aligners in orthodontic treatment.

T Weir -  Australian Dental Journal

Wellbeing 360 Initiative - nomination for NZDA Branch Initiative of the Year

ADA Executive

Mindfulness, Compassion and the Mind-body Connection

Dr Craig Hassed OAM

A Compassionate Lecture on Wellbeing

Dr Margaret Kay

"Future Proofing your personal and professional wellbeing"

 Dr Francis Pitsilis speaker notes from presentation to ADA March 2019 general meeting 

"Coping with recent terror attacks". 

Supplied by Umbrella (NZ Workplace Wellness and Resilience Training)

"How do I best support my people". 

Supplied by Umbrella (NZ Workplace Wellness and Resilience Training)

"What is emotional and psychological trauma".  

Supplied by Umbrella (NZ Workplace Wellness and Resilience Training)

"Self-help strategies".  

Supplied by Umbrella (NZ Workplace Wellness and Resilience Training)

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