Webinar - June 2024 Branch Meeting - Dr Basil Al-Amleh "Beyond the bite - exploring dental occlusion."

Webinar - June 2024 Branch Meeting - Dr Basil Al-Amleh "Beyond the bite - exploring dental occlusion."

Webinar - Beyond the Bite - Exploring Dental Occlusion.

The term "Dental Occlusion" often evokes apprehension among dentists, as it can literally make or break a case. In this lecture, we will cover the basic concepts of occlusion for natural dentition and briefly for complete dentures. We will clarify seemingly confusing concepts such as Centric Relation (CR) and Maximum Intercuspation Position, explaining how they relate to a healthy occlusion. The lecture will also cover how to accurately record bite registrations to record accurate CR.

Learning outcomes: 

    • Understand the difference between Conformative and Reorganisational approaches for treating natural dentition.
    • Learn the differences between occlusion in natural dentition (mutually protected occlusion) and complete dentures (balanced occlusion).
    • Understand the four essential pillars for achieving a stable occlusion: joints, muscles, teeth, and airway.
    • Learn step-by-step how to check occlusions.
    • Understand the terms Centric Relation (CR), Adapted Centric Relation (ACR), and Maximum Intercuspation Position (MIP) and how they relate to the TMJs.
    • Learn how to record CR and ACR using the Bimanual Manipulation technique and Leaf Gauges.
    • Know the rules for increasing the occlusal vertical dimension (OVD) for patients.
    • Understand the role of synchronised and coordinated function of the muscles of mastication and how to record an accurate bite registration.
    • Learn the role of a Kois Deprogrammer and when to use it.
    • Understand how to apply TMD and airway screeners during your dental exam.
    • Finally, learn and understand the Joint Load Test to record an accurate CR or Adapted CR.

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About our speaker:

Dr Basil Al-Amleh BDS(Otago), DClinDent(Otago), MRACDS(Pros), Int Cert ABDSM

Basil graduated with his BDS in 2001 and Clinical Doctorate in Prosthodontics in 2011 from the University of Otago. Following his studies, he served as a Senior Lecturer in Dental Biomaterials Science at Otago, where he lectured and tutored both undergraduate and postgraduate students. His research interests focused on dental ceramics failure and fractography, resulting in numerous authored and co-authored research publications and textbook chapters.

After several years as a Consultant Prosthodontist overseas, Basil has recently returned to New Zealand to establish Optima Prosthodontics, a practice located in Epsom, Auckland. Additionally, he serves as a visiting Prosthodontist in Hamilton too.

Basil is an International Certificant of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, having completed training in the management of OSA and the airway. He is deeply passionate about training and education, frequently lecturing across New Zealand on TMD and their management to general dentists. 

Event Properties

Event Date Tuesday, 18th June 2024 07:00 PM
Event End Date Tuesday, 18th June 2024 08:30 PM
Cut off date Tuesday, 18th June 2024 06:55 PM
Individual Price ADA members only. Free
Location Seminar Room, Ground Floor, NZDA House, 1/195 Main Highway, Ellerslie