As a professional body the ADA have a social responsibility in providing funds and personnel for community initiatives in the areas of dental education, provision of drinking water fountains and support of fluoridation of water supplies in the community.

We have an on-going relationship with the organisations and charities below and fully support their initiatives.


NZDA - "Switch to Water"

Soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and juices contain acid and sugar that destroy teeth.  Avoid tooth decay and excess calories by switching your sugary drinks to water.  

  • Carry a water bottle with you when you are out and about and if you are thirsty, reach for water first!drinks damage teeth
  • Hydrate yourself with water.  It's free, fresh and available on tap!

Myth:  Unsweetend natural fruit juices contain no sugar and acids.

Fact:  Not true!  They still contain sugars and acids.  Moreover, they contain no fibre.  Best to eat your fruit, not drink it!

Myth:  It is ok to drink artificially sweetened drinks known as diet or zero-calorie drinks.

Fact:  Not true!  These drinks have a high erosive potential due to their acid content and contribution to tooth erosion.

Smiles for the Pacific

Smiles-For-The-Pacific-LogoThe Newton Wickham Auckland Dental Association Trust (NWADAT) was set up over 13 years ago having recognised the need for charitable dental aid to assist in the care of the underprivileged in overseas countries, especially the Pacisfic Island nations.

Read more: Smiles for the Pacific

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